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Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Staff,


Welcome to The Academy for Enriched Sciences!


As the proud principal of our wonderful school, it brings me immense joy to extend a warm greeting to each and every one of you. Our school community is built upon a foundation of excellence, inclusivity, and a passion for learning.


At AES, we believe in nurturing the individual talents and interests of every child. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


We recognize the importance of collaboration between home and school in fostering the holistic development of our students. Together, we can empower our young learners to reach their fullest potential and become confident, compassionate, and responsible members of society.


Throughout the academic year, we will continue to uphold our values of respect, integrity, and resilience, and strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our educational program.


I encourage you to explore our school website to stay updated on important announcements, upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement. Together, let us embark on this journey of learning and growth, creating memorable experiences and shaping a brighter future for our children.


Thank you for entrusting us with the education and well-being of your child. Together, we will make this school year a truly enriching and rewarding experience.


Warm regards,


Amy Petry


Principal, AES